Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is Manhunt our Wal-Mart?

Yesterday we told you about how owner Jonathan Crutchley gave hot loads of cash to John McCain. Now, this presents a series of interesting questions that we'll get into on the show today.

First and foremost, does this information make any of you want to cancel your Manhunt account? After all, it's not like there's a shortage of gay, ummm, "dating" sites. So, are you really giving anything up if you leave the site?

Second, would a Manhunt boycott even be effective? The Christian right is always boycotting someone or something for some alleged sin and generally they're pretty ineffective. They tried boycotting Walmart, and Disney, and Kraft, and on and on. Mostly, their followers' lifestyles -- yes, Walmart is a lifestyle --just couldn't absorb giving up any of those things. We've chosen more wisely -- Coors beer was easy, and successful. But the most popular gay sex site ever?

And third, should we even be singling out Crutchley for criticism? After-all, lots of companies with fairly progressive records must support the Republicans and John McCain for reasons beyond their crackpot social and economic ideas, right? Or is Crutchley betraying his gay customers -- and all of us -- by giving money earned from them to the dark side?

What do you think? We'll get into it during our third hour today.