Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Right-Wing Smear Machine

We'll be getting into this on the show today: The latest book full of smears and distortions, attacking a Democrat, and what impact it will have, if any. The right-wing smear machine may be a little rusty, but it's still in full gear. John Corsi -- who co-wrote the Kerry attack book in 2004, Unfit for Command -- has been pushing his newest pack of lies about Obama, via right-wing radio and to the top of the NY Times bestseller list. I've mentioned this book in the past couple of weeks on the show. The questions this time around are: Will it work? How should Obama and supporters respond? To read more about the specific falsehoods and innacuracies, go to Media Matters. Paul Waldman of Media Matters did a great job last night on Larry King, taking on Corsi. Check it out.

John Kerry, meanwhile, has launched a web site to counter the book: Truth Fights Back.