Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. Please take the survey if you are a listener to the show and haven't yet taken it. Scroll down and click through on the right. Thanks!

Barhamsville, VA (XM)
Interesting show, but highly hypocritical. Everything you accuse your opposition of saying you turn around and say: you know. Stop saying you know. Back up some of your thoughts with facts. Finally, why do you always blame the Police first?

Santa Ana, CA (XM)
When I first started listening, I couldn't stand Michelangelo's show, I used to call it the Michelangelo "Bitcharelli" Show. But, after listening closely to the content, I became hooked. Now it seems that Michelangelo is my main source for current events. Plus, his guest interviews are usually pretty compelling. Keep it up!!

N.Hollywood, CA (Sirius)
I really dislike the Friday "sometimes dumb" playback. It is an utter waste of time and energy. It is disturbing, disjointed and annoying.

Springfield, MO (XM)
Well I knew you were informative, educational, witty and put on a great show. What I didn't know is how effing hot you are. You re a total babe!!! I love the show and i hate to criticize any part of it because of all the hard work that goes into it but for me the lackluster part of the show is the medley you do of the newsclips of the give me a book damn it!!!

Hermann, MO (Sirius)
I generally like the show. The discussion topics are relevant and timely. I think Michelangelo is extremely intelligent and well versed in political events. My one and only complaint, which I have stated before with no follow up from the show, is that in the 2 or 3 times I have called in, Michelangelo seemed dismissive and uninterested in actually partaking in dialogue with me. I am therefore disinclined to call in any time in the future.

Mt. Joy, PA (XM)
Mr. Signorile, you restore pride and dignity in being gay. Any subject that you tackle is done in good taste and what I would like my straight friends to listen to -- to indeed make us equals for once. You do throw in a smart-assed barb in there every once in a while which in moderation is good taste and grandly funny w/o making being gay extremely cheap, as conservatives come to expect.

Warner Robins, GA (XM)
I love the show but I wanted to express my thoughts on one of the callers. Because of a certain caller from Wyoming who has a first name that is similar to mine I have been too embarrassed to call the show myself. The reason for this is because I don't want to be confused with that other caller with a similar name. While I share a few minor details with that caller, I am a black male with some conservative views. I think of the caller "Cedric" as an annoying train wreck of hostility, anger, self loathing and arrogance. When I listen to him go on a rant blaming everyone but the man in the mirror for the troubles of the world that he appears to not be willing to help change, I want to sometimes scream.

Now my comments are not meant to attack the person but if we ever were to meet face to face (god help me) and have a conversation I would find myself thinking as a fellow black gay man that this Cedric person is a true sellout leaning toward being an ignorant "uncle tom" for the gay community. His calls to the show are laughable and I appreciate Michelangelo giving him the opportunity to speak and make an ass of himself. This show is more "fair and balanced" than the TV network that "Cedric" probably drools over every night. He does have a good point or two but he needs to get a clue and open his mind more. He is a poor representative of the black gay community. Yes I said it! A black gay man raised in Florida and living in Georgia.

Yes,my name is Edric, like "Cedric" but without the first "C"

Miramichi, NB Canada (XM)
I hate the re-runs. Don't get me wrong, you deserve a break and/or a day off, but instead of re-hashing a previous show, why not bring in a GUEST host for the day? Sorry for raging but at the end of the day, I along with other Sirius/XM subscribers are paying the bills with our subscriptions.

Peabody, MA (Sirius)
I am a long-time listener to the show and now work from home and enjoy the ability to have your show on while I work at the computer. I'm puzzled by all the hubbub about your so-called pregnant pauses...I never even notice them.

Michelangelo, earlier today I saw "Outrage." I was quite impressed. I found it to be quite provocative and riveting.

At the moment I have no constructive criticism of your show. I love it the way it is. We have exchanged emails in the past re your funny sound effects (which I love). Remember, I was the one who thought that "They Keep Voting" was Hilary Rosen and not Ann Coulter. If I may, I would like to suggest two new sound effects to add to your repertoire. One would be the Patti LuPone: "Who the HELL do you think you are?!!" and another would be the Larry Kramer: Why are you laughing?!