Friday, June 28, 2013

Today on the Signorile Show

2:30pm EST - Noah Michelson, Editor with Huffington Posts Gay Voices, returns to the show as he does every Friday to help us close out an amazing and historical week!

3:05pm EST - The ACLU has announced it will be teaming up with Steve Schmidt, former Campaign Manager for the 2008 McCain/Palin campaign, on a $10 million / 50 State Initiative to have more Republicans join in support to work for Marriage Equality across the country.  He joins us today to talk about his efforts.

3:30pm EST - This week, the case against George Zimmerman is underway in the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin.  A lot of attention has been on the case, with one witness, Rachel Jeantel, being questioned for over 5 hours and the defenses trying to smear her and ruin her credibility.  SiriusXM Left's own Mark Thompson, host of Make It Plain, returns to the show today to update us on the latest happening in the case and these tactics used by the defense.

4:30pm EST - In a week where we saw the Supreme Court strike down DOMA and Prop 8, many LGBT advocates and allies have been speak out and showing their support and excitement on such a historic point for LGBT rights.  Openly gay Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims was going to take a moment to discuss this on the House floor, when he was stopped by Representative Daryl Metcalf who claimed Sims would be breaking "God's Law".  Rep. Brian Sims returns to the show today to speak with us about this ugly move and his call for a censure Metcalf.

It's Friday!  Who will get our "Angel, Turkey, and Gassy of the Week" Awards?!

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