Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today on the Signorile Show

2:30pm EST - Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning gay and lesbian couples in foreign countries from adopting Russian children.  Masha Gessen, an LGBT Activist living in Russia, returns to the program to talk to us about this genesis of this law.

3:30pm EST - We've been talking about the FISA Courts and the secrecy behind them in the was of the NSA Surveillance Leaks.  Last week, TN Rep. Steve Cohen introduced a bill that would give Congress more oversight on the FISA Court and joins us today to talk about his bill and the support he's been getting for it.

4:00pm EST - Sarah Slamen gave testimony during a Texas Senate Health and Human Service Hearing on abortion and was quickly removed by Texas state troopers after blasting legislators for their misleading and hateful claims.  The video of her removal has since gone viral.  She joins us this afternoon about her testimony and to speak about the latest happening in the Texas abortion bill.

4:30pm EST - Immigration Reform has been taken up by the House and many Republicans are pushing back against the Bill.  Elise Foley, Washington DC Reporter with Huffington Post, joins us this afternoon to discuss the push back and what options the House has in getting reform done.

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