Friday, July 12, 2013

Today on the Signorile Show

2:30pm ET - Every week, Noah Michelson, Editor of Huffington Posts Gay Voices, helps us close out the week with the LGBT headlines that we've been covering at Gay Voices.

3:30pm ET - Yesterday, we spoke with TN Rep. Steve Cohen about a bill he's introducing that would give Congress more oversight on the FISA Court.  We'll speak with Geoffrey StoneConstitutional Law Professor at the University of Chicago, who joins us to continue the conversation we've been having about the FISA Court -- what it is and what powers it really does have when it comes to surveillance of the American people.

4:30pm ET - We speak with Traian Popov, a Bulgarian immigrant, and Julian Marsh, a US citizen, who are a couple from Florida who were married in New York last year and are the first gay couple to have their request for a green card approved just days after the Supreme Court handed down it's ruling on DOMA.

It's Friday!  Who will get the "Angel, Turkey, and Gassy of the Week" Awards?!

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