Monday, July 29, 2013

Today on the Signorile Show

3:30pm ET - We saw a lot of history made during last year's election, with the re-election of first African American President, three states passing marriage equality, and two states -- Washington and Colorado -- legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  While the people chose to legalize marijuana in Washington, that didn't stop the DEA from raiding several dispensaries across the state.  Alison Holcomb, Criminal Justice Project Director with the ACLU Washington, joins us today to talk about what impact these raids have on dispensaries yet to open and what it will mean as more states look toward legalization.

4:30pm ET - A story both heartwarming and heartbreaking out of Ohio, where James Obergefell married his partner John Arthur on the tarmac of a Maryland airport.  John is suffering from ALS, and when they heard that the Supreme Court struck down DOMA, they immediately went to Maryland to get married.  Now, they are challenging the state of Ohio to recognize their marriage, and last week a federal judge in a limited ruling allowed for their marriage to be recognized.  James Obergefell joins us today to talk about his story.

4:40pm ET - Joe Jervis, Editor with Joe.My.God., joins us this afternoon to discuss the boycott of Russia we've been focused on last week and what the reactions to the boycott were over the weekend.

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