Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today on the Signorile Show

3:30pm ET - We've been talking a lot on the show about the calls for boycott against Russia and their hosting the Olympics in 2014.  Activist Dan Savage called for a boycott of Russian made vodka and started the "Dump Stoli" campaign.  Stoli has since responded to boycotts against them and we'll speak with Val Mendeleev, Stoli CEO, about the boycotts and their response to Savages "Dump Stoli" campaign.

4:05pm ET - Yesterday, during a press conference, Pope Francis was asked about gay priests and responded, "Who am I to judge?"  What does this mean for the relationship between Catholics and the gay community?  Rev. Paul Raushenbush, Senior Religion Editor with Huffington Post Religion, joins us today to talk about it.

4:30pm ET - The Colorado River was once known as The Grand River, but according to many reports from environmentalist, it's anything but Grand anymore.  Reservoirs that are fed by the Colorado River have been experiencing lower and lower water levels and this yeat, Lakes Mead and Powell, are expected to be at their lowest.  Tom Yulsman, Environmental Reporter with Discover Magazine, joins us to discuss the cause of these low levels and what needs to be done to reverse course.

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