Friday, August 21, 2015

The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM PROGRESS ch.127

As anyone who has tried to discuss progressive politics or social issues on twitter or other forms of social media knows, there is an army of angry right-wing trolls out there ready to do battle and resort to ugly tactics and name calling at the slightest provocation.  But what you may not be aware of is that these trolls often get their marching orders from the website called Twitchywhich according to Jill Filipovic the senior political writer for Cosmopolitan, Twitchy is not just a popular conservative website. It's also a harassment tool used to target liberal writers.  Jill joins me on the show today to talk all about this targeted online harassment and the role that the website plays in it.  You can also follow Jill on twitter.

Are you the daughter of a former Congressman turned Vice Presidential Candidate whose mother believes if she was a smidge cuter, she would have won her father the election?  Are you an open lesbian radio host in a male-dominated industry?  Are you the headliner of the successful “Sexy Liberal” comedy tour?  If you are, then you must be Stephanie Miller.  If you’re not, then you have to download “Sexy Liberal!: Of Me I Sing”, which is the celebrated liberal radio hosts new E-Book, which chronicles her life growing up with Republicans (and claims she was abandoned by wolves), standing out in the world of political radio, and gives you a behind the scenes in what she has to deal with when dealing with what she calls the “Right-Wing Idiots” not just on her show, but outside her show as well.  And we have a lot of other things to talk about, including the Republican Clown Car and so much more. You can also follow Stephanie on twitter.

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