Friday, August 28, 2015

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Over the past few years the credibility of the social sciences has come into question in after a string of questionable events in the field.  From a star social psychologist being caught fabricating data, leading to more than 50 retracted papers, to a top journal publishing a study supporting the existence of ESP that was widely criticized, and the journal Science pulled apolitical science paper on the effect of gay canvassers on voters’ behavior because of concerns about faked data. Now, a new effort to reproduce 100 studies published in three leading psychology journals has found that more than half of the findings did not hold up when retested.  The analysis was done by research psychologists, many of whom volunteered their time to double-check what they considered important work, and their conclusions, were reported yesterday in the journal Science.  Joining me to today to discuss the study is Maya Brandt Mathur a biostatistician at the Stanford University Quantitative Sciences Unit who is one of the co-authors of the report.

A little over twenty five years ago, home schooling your children was illegal in all fifty states, but as this began change a small but fierce group of lobbyist worked to ensure that home schooling would be barely regulated by government, which according to many experts, means that cases of child neglect and abuse are often falling through the cracks.  Joining me today to discuss the frightening power of the Home-Schooling Lobby and the affect that they have on the safety and welfare of some American children is Jessica Huseman an investigative journalist and fellow with The Teacher Project, an education reporting initiative at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism which reports on America's next generation of teachers for ProPublica, Slate and other national publications.  You can also follow Jessica on twitter.


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