Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM PROGRESS ch.127

Ever since Rep. John Boehner announced that he was resigning from Congress as a result of threats from the extreme far-right of his own party the leadership of the GOP has been in a complete tailspin.  Then, to make matter worse Boehner’s presumed replacement Rep. Kevin McCarthy recently let the cat out of the bag when he suggested to Sean Hannity on Fox News that the Benghazi select committee investigation was nothing more than a political attack on Hillary Clinton to hurt her chances in the Presidential election of 2016.  Now, Rep. Jason Chaffetz has also announced his candidacy for House Speaker which according to Russell Berman of The Atlantic is predicated on chaos and further complicates matters for the Party’s leadership.  Russell joins me today to discuss the upcoming floor vote for House Speaker as well as the possibility that divisions within the Republican Party could possible prevent the GOP from uniting around one candidate.  You can also follow Russell on twitter.

Last Thursday, President Obama, speaking to the nation after the community college shooting  in Oregon, made one reference to the National Rifle Association, asking gun owners to question whether their “views are properly being represented by the organization that suggests it’s speaking for you”, and according to Investigative journalist Alan Berlow this is a very fair question.  The N.R.A., which claims some 4.5 million members, often professes to speak for all gun owners — hunters, sportsmen, collectors and ordinary Americans who keep guns for self-defense. But on some issues, most gun owners clearly reject the party line.  Alan joins me today to talk all about the NRA and who they truly represent.  

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