Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It all depends on what ham means to you. We had a quite a discussion on the show today about the Muslim students in Lewiston, Maine who were handed a ham steak by some other students -- the police are now investigating it as a hate crime, since pork is something offensive to Muslims and that's certainly how it was meant in this case. We picked up on the story, which happened over a week ago, after the vile "Fox and Friends" morning crowd were making fun of it this morning, but I must tell you that for a while we thought the entire story was a hoax -- since it was parodied, rather well, on several web sites. But it is for real, and according to a story today in the Lewiston Sun Journal, it's much worse than thought, splitting the entire city of Lewiston and following on the incident last August where a man rolled a pig's head into a mosque.

I think both incidents were hate crimes, meant to send a message to a group and intimidate them. A lot of callers and listeners disagreed with me. What do you think?