Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rotello on Andrew Sullivan's delusional "sero-sorting" claims

Gabriel Rotello again demolishes Andrew Sullivan's dangerous claims about "sero-sorting" and HIV in a new piece Rotello has written on Huffington Post. This all began with Sullivan's "end of AIDS" regurgitations in the pride issue of Dan Savage's The Stranger a couple of weeks ago. Rotello took him on, as I noted last week (those posts are here and here), and Sullivan responded by once again making ludicrous claims that are not backed up by any science.

What is this really all about for Sullivan? He's still trying to defend himself against his hypocrisy having been exposed back when I wrote about his own bareback ads a few years ago. In his mind, if he could just validate the practice of sero-sorting -- men of similar HIV status seeking out one another for unprotected sex -- then he can validate his own behavior back then. Once again, for him, this all about Andrew Sullivan and not about concern for anyone else.

What is interesting this time around though is that none of his friends and supporters are jumping in and defending him. I think they realize that, as the evidence comes in, they really can't muster an argument against the science, nor can they muster an argument defending Sullivan's delusions and the dubious sources that he relies upon for his facts, something else Rotello exposes quite well.