Monday, July 28, 2008

Listen: "Larry Craig Ate My Butt"

I know it's not something you want to picture this early in the morning. But did you know that, according to former male escort and Ted Haggard exposer Mike Jones, Senator Larry Craig, co-sponsor of the all-new Marriage Protection Act, put his tongue up Jones' butt hole and gave him a Senate-class rim job?

Yes, that's what Mike Jones told me several months back when he came on the show, and he hadn't said it in any other media outlet as far as I know -- or rather, he tried, but they just didn't want to report it. In fact, Dan Popkey of the Idaho-Statesman, in an interview on the show a few weeks later, confirmed Mike Jones' story to me, saying that when he ran his last story on Craig's encounters he knew these details but his editors wouldn't let him print them. He said his editors had just hit their limit on Larry Craig's sordid sex life splashed across the pages of their family newspaper. Cocksucking was enough; they drew the line at analingus.

I realized at the time that this was a wet and juicy scoop of sorts, but I sat on it, for reasons I don't really know. We just got busy I guess, though Sirius listeners have heard about it quite a bit. We've played it a bunch of times on the show. In fact, we have almost caused people to get in car accidents when we play the short, several-second version of the clip with Mike Jones saying, "He...ate my butt." (To which I respond, "Oh, he did.")

But now that we're taking the show on the road for a couple of weeks at the end of August on our Unofficial Larry Craig Tour, it was time to finally bring forward the clip for the rest of the world to hear.