Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jim from Oklahoma Calls In

Yesterday on the show, I was discussing the Newsmax piece that suggested a "military coup" could take care of the "Obama problem." That was when Jim from Oklahoma called (clip below), claiming he and 200 other Oklahomans were meeting weekly to stage a coup and that they had their "right to bear arms" and that he wants to bring the country back to where it was 400 years ago, before slavery was abolished.

He's all bluster, and a coward calling a radio show anonymously, so I don't of course believe his claims. But I do believe his hatred is real, and the racism he espoused. And as caller after caller who called after him testified, there are lots of people like him out there. One woman called - and actually began crying, so upset about this -- explaining that her own mother had now been talking about a coup and overthrowing the government, and that much of it was inspired by her racism. Her mother, who'd never been involved in politics before, actually came out to her as a Tea Party/birther/912er, and said I need to tell you all this before we get together again, just so you know(I will post that clip tomorrow.)