Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fan: Palin's For "Putting Homos Back in the Closet"

You betcha. Ben Smith at Politico has a piece up about Sarah Palin's book tour stop in Western Michigan, and aside from his showing that it truly is a campaign rally rather than a book signing, there are a couple of interesting observations re: the fans. One man notes that Palin is for "putting the homos back in the closet," and, sure enough, minutes later a security guard tells another man who is wearing a "Homos for Palin" t-shirt that he's got to "zip it up" or leave:

The event also drew its share of more ideological conservatives. Bob Weinert, 56, a fencing salesman from Lansing, said he’d heard Rush Limbaugh say recently that Palin is “the most conservative candidate out there.” She represents, he said, “limited government and traditional values,” including “putting homos back in the closet"...

...A few minutes later, a diffident young man wandered by with a handmade “Homos for Palin” t-shirt until he encountered a mall security guard.

“You’ve got to zip it up or leave,” said the security guard and the young man, who said he was a college student but wouldn’t give his name, complied.