Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin's Ties to Hatemongers

Max Blumenthal came on the show last week and we discussed Sarah Palin's connections to some pretty extremist individuals (audio below.) Beyond some of the gay press (and of course the gay and progressive blogs), not much of the media is focused on Sarah Palin's intimate ties to white supremacists and homophobes as her media machine is rolling out across the country. These aren't people who are a few individuals removed. These are the people she has supported in Alaska; people she has turned to in crisis, like Robert Stacy McCain, who helped her deal with the rumors of her divorce; and Lynn Vincent, a virulently antigay evangelical Christian who ghostwrote her book. I've written about former Washington Times editor and Palin buddy Robert Stacy McCain in years past, in a column that keeps coming back. Max Blumental of The Daily Beast wrote about him a bit too, as well as about Vincent ( a close colleague of Stacy McCain's) in a recent column.

Max came on the show last week and we discussed these ties to Palin and how they're being ignored. In the attempt by some in the media to marginalize Palin by treating her as a celebrity with no substance, they're ignoring the hate she festers, the people she brings out and the characters to whom she's connected. Listen to my discussion with Max if you didn't hear it live last week.

Also, Andy Towle has posted more from the "informed Palin fan base." Check it out.