Friday, November 13, 2009

Today's Show: The Melody Barnes Tape

2:30pm EST: Paul Sousa, a Boston College law student, asked senior Obama official Melody Barnes about what he calls President Obama's "separate but equal" stance on same-sex marriage. Barnes answered and many have now said she in fact came out in support of same sex marriage. She was offering her own view, not the White House's, and that's not odd in and of itself. What was odd was the White House, which seems almost paranoid about homosexuality, attempted to couch her personal position as not supportive of marriage equality. The White House then tried to hold the tape, pressuring Boston College for a week. But today the will be released finally. We will be joined by Paul Sousa, and we will be the judge as to whether or not Melody Barnes answer spoke for the White House and said they support same sex marriage.

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