Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Here are some of the listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Houston,TX (XM)
I'm not a fan of the show - although I occasionally try and listen. Signorile presents one side of an issue and is totally disrespectful to those whose views differ from his. He frequently uses unflattering terms to describe others who he disagrees with and his disdain for those he disagrees with is made all too apparent. His mind is closed. And, when he starts with the name calling - for example "Tea Baggers" - I change the channel. I'm just as offended by that as when someone calls me or someone else a "faggot." He's as biased as the news outlets he makes fun off - case in point Fox News. I admire passion. I also admire journalists - which this man truly is not. I've heard the segment of the show where he reads his listener's comments - and his responses to negative comments are truly disrespectful and are, for the most part, dismissed. Signorile is the Bill O'Rielly of OutQ.

Hazleton, PA (XM)
Michelangelo, in you I trust...for truth, insight, accuracy in reporting and for the challenge I impose on myself to be a more aggressive activist on LGBTQ issues, which stems from the inspiration and fuel that your show creates in me. Somewhere between my early 20s and now (my mid-30s) I lost my passions toward being outspoken and angry at the injustices I see around me. I owe my deep and profound thanks to both you (and your show) and Sirius XM for bringing back my voice and encouraging me not just to speak out but to shout out once again.

Columbus, OH (XM)
I enjoy michael's willingness to step away from the politically correct left and take on issues such as the Human Rights Campaign and their White House receptions. What have they done for us lately?

Herrin, IL (Sirius)
I'm in love with Michelangelo! It's so refreshing to hear someone call the lawmakers, the ministry, etc onto the carpet.

Memphis, TN (Sirius)
I love your show. I am currently using the trial version of the iPhone app and your show is going to make me purchase Sirius. I love this channel because I can listen to it while I'm at work. I love to stay informed so why not stay informed with OutQ. Keep up the great work.

San Tan Valley, AZ (Sirius)

For any given 10 minute span of the show, I would like you to count the number of times you say, "uh", "um", "ehr", or "ah". You probably can't count that high.

Baton Rouge, LA (Sirius)
Because of your discussion regarding PETA and Thanksgiving, I have begun to rethink eating meat. The commercial was powerful for me.

New York, NY (XM)

I admit I don't listen every day (so maybe I miss if/when you do this) but I, as a straight person, feel a bit confused as to the appropriate labels I should use when talking to, and about, LGBTIQ people. Do I say "queer" to refer to the entire community with a single word? Do I use those initials, or is it degrading to do so? I've heard some opinions on all of this, but I think it'd be a great service to those of us not "in" the community to have "primers", discussions, etc. about this so as to inform/educate us about what's accepted/preferred in the community and to do so every so often (as some might be "new" to the program at different points and miss earlier opportunities).

Hollywood, FL (Sirius)

As a working artist, I have the great luxury of working outdoors in my home studio. On weekends I usually attend art festivals to sell my sculptures. I always listen to OutQ on my iPhone app and love it. Your show is my favorite and most of the time I share your views, even if I don't agree, I get the point.

Bakersfield, CA (XM)

Please bump the Signorile Show into the evening commute for those of us on the west coast! Its the best show on Ch 98 by far! Always entertaining and makes me think, which is rare for any radio program.

Mechanicsburg, PA (XM)
I enjoy your show even though some of your opinions are more liberal than mine. You are a great interviewer, are wonderful talking to callers, and are amazingly patient and welcoming of all opinions. I'm happy that you've been covering transgender issues. However, I've never heard you discuss bisexual issues on the show. We "B's" often feel invisible and misunderstood by gays and straights alike. It would be great to hear discussions about how bisexuality is portrayed in media, the effect of bisexual celebrities on the understanding/misunderstanding of bisexuality by the public, and/or biphobia.

Vancouver, BC Canada (Sirius)
I love the way you dissect issues and come at them from all angles. You make me think about things that would never have occurred to me. I know you cover mostly American issues but, somehow, you make them interesting enough for a Canadian to want to tune in. Your ability/skill at seeing all sides of issues makes me feel like you are very much like what I think Canadians strive to be - able to understand and empathize before judging. Keep up the great work and don't change!!!

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)

I drive Truck for a living and it is very loud in the cab and I have a hard time hearing you Michael. I seem to be able to hear all the other sounds and commercials and other talk show hosts very well. I wish they could really turn up your mic and turn down the other sounds when you go on brake or news. Thanks, otherwise I really love listening to you and I have been learning a lot from your show.

Ofallon, IL (XM)

I like gay rights issues that are up to the minute and discussions about the church's role in gay rights. I also like hearing Michelangelo's take on general news issues that are just breaking. His perspective on it usually is spot on and helps me process things better and more quickly without having to sift through lots of other news outlets to get an overview perspective on it. Also, as a note I mostly listen online rather than with a real radio unless I happen to be in my car when the show is playing. In that case I am usually listening to the last hour of the show.