Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Back Talk

Some listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and you have not taken the survey please do so by scrolling dow nad clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Chicamauga, GA (Sirius)
Michael is too closed minded. He is so extreme I can only listen for a short period most of the time. I do like hearing both sides, but there is only one side with this host. Gay listeners don't have a lot of options to get news or hear talk about subjects that are important to us and not all of us are left-wing radicals. Almost all of my gay friends are like thinking.

Richmond VA (XM)
I first tuned into OutQ out of curiosity, but found excellent political discussion. Mike is great! DeCaro always has interesting things to say. You don't have to be gay to enjoy OutQ!

Bridgeport, IL (XM)

I am a totally straight truck driver, but I do have a stepson who is gay, living in west Hollywood. I know more about what is going on with the LGBT than he does.I think at times you are a little hard headed on some isusses ,but so am I. Over all I do like the show.

Bobcaygeon, OT Canada (XM)

Michelangelo: someone accused you of being biased a few weeks back (listener comment) and I had to laugh. It;s through your discerning and fact based explanations that I become aware of what the actions and reasonings of the right wing ARE! You take real time in presenting their views (all insane of course) and stances and explain their positions fully. Biased?? You always present in reasonable terms what they are saying and doing - fairly - and THEN you demolish them! I just love your show, sitting here in my cabin in the woods, snow blanketed, fire going, dogs napping and my solar powered Michaelangelo. Thanks for your wonderful work and for being outrageous.

Greenville, TN (Sirius)
Michelangelo is great!

Hamden, CT (XM)
I appreciate all the preparation that goes into making such a show possible. You really do your homework! (As a teacher, I appreciate it!) I really enjoy your interviews especially with people I've never had the opportunity to see/hear before. Thank you for all your hard work!

Jefferson, WI (XM)
I am so happy that I found this show. It makes me happy, upset, and I laugh and cry. I am now aware of things that effect our community and am so motivated. Thank you so much for having such a wonderful show that i will continue to listen to.

Frederick, MD (Sirius)

Coming out this past year, listening to your show, reading yours and other authors' books, and other challenges to my former way I lived my life---I'm now a Democrat, liberal and challenging these Republican "gas bags"! If you can get more of these gas bags on your show, and challenge them directly (as in that whack job preacher you interviewed a couple of months ago), I would enjoy that as a listener.

Gulfport, MS (XM)
LOVE OUTQ. I'm not lesbian or bi but to me sexual preference is not important or a prerequisite for a brain or good taste! I support LGBT issues and i think your show is great--a native NY'er i have grown up w/GLBT people in my community and OUTQ is AWESOME!

Jackson, MS (Sirius)
We try so hard to keep up with Human Rights issues at our house. It can be a little difficult to stay current with important issues tucked away here in Mississippi. Your show helps fill in some of those gaps for us. I too listen everyday at work with my headphones on so the uber-conservative folks that I work for aren't "offended". When I get home often topics that you have covered are what are discussed with our children at dinner. And really being informative AND entertaining helps my afternoons go by much faster.