Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sunday Back Talk

Some of the listener survey comments I posted this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't tken the survey please do so by clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Olathe, KS (Sirius)
I wish Mike would give some more time when people call in instead of a wham, bam, thank you ma'am type of speed. Mike, you're a Political talk show that happens to be on OutQ, remember that. Alex Bennett doesn't pull this shit on time and neither does Lynn Samuels. You shouldn't be so heavily structured. Seriously, I expect that kind of crap from jerkoff's like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others (including unmentioned Liberals). I HATE that format from both sides, Liberal and Conservatives, it's about getting oneself off.

Bloomsburg, PA (Sirius)
I often don't agree with stands the show takes on issues but I feel its very important to have our voice out there. I do wish there was more respect on the show shown to people who have different views. I am not talking about respect for vicious hate-spewing right wingers who have dangerous views, opinions, and speech, but rather respect for those who have a more conservative point of view that is not in alignment with the extreme right.

Broomfield, CO (XM)
I appreciate Michael's willingness to examine many POVs and openness to expand his own POV. His Charm and humor really come through .

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
I enjoy listening to Michael's show very much, even though I find him to be probably more to the left than I. It's nice to have such full and intelligent coverage of gay issues and other news events. Sometimes I find Michael does not tolerate a difference of opinion that well. However, he is always respectful and polite to those he disagrees with. He's usually just short with them! A far cry, however, from the right wing talk show hosts who find it necessary to insult and belittle.

Broadalbin, NY (Sirius)
Actually, I use a combination of your show, NPR, my local public radio station, OUT News, the Advocate, and the NY Times as my main sources of news, with a mix of online news sources found through Google News. Listeners who think you are single-minded or inconsiderate are unfortunately not as well informed as they could be, and I hope you never change too much of HOW you run your show.

Fallon, NV (Sirius)
What I like most about the show, besides Michelangelo, would be the interviews with members of the opposition to the gay rights movement. When these people come on the air, and babble some of the most ridiculous, incoherent bullshit this side of the Atlantic, they only help prove our point. Michelangelo’s attacks on the horseshit quasi-professional journalism coming from both sides of the political spectrum, has inspired me to pursue a career in actual journalism. I am looking forward to another year of the show.

Salt Lake City, UT (XM)
Love your show, very informative, thought provoking , sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, you do an excellent job of exposing the hypocrisy of the right wing shitbags. Please keep up the wonderful work you do so well. Please, please, please try not to let your voice trail off when your making side comments, we can't hear you, especially when we're driving, with the sound of traffic around us. Others have brought this up before but it continues to be a problem, and I (for one) don't want to miss a single word from you. I am sort of a M.S. junkie and I just can't get enough. Thanks for all you say and do.

San Diego CA (Sirus)
Thoughts? How about not so many personal questions for a listener survey. Make and model of my car? How does that make the show any better? Just stop saying "YUMAN" and pronounce the "H." It's HUMAN. Also, clips of the week... not so great.

Batavia, IL (XM)
Michael, I love your smart, intellectual style. we are mindful of the issues that you present--we feel that equality of others is the only way that we can begin to find real peace here in our own country. you address issues that affect us all, because we are a nation of people FIRST. thank you, Michael. i look forward to many years of the pleasure of hearing your voice and the other gifts that you share with us everyday! much love to you and yours

Lansing MI (XM)
I have only been listening to OutQ for a year now. I am not sure how I got by without Michael's show. I have become more of a LGBT advocate. My partner and I attend the march on DC and it was an amazing time for us. I have only been "out" for a little over 3.5 years and to see all of us there - the rainbow colors and being comfortable holding hands and being "normal". Thank you for what you do - bringing laughter and challenging us to not settle as 2nd class citizens.