Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

Listener survey comments I read on the show this week. If you're a listener to the show and haven't taken the survey, please do so by scrolling down and clicking through on the right. Thanks!

Omaha, NE (Sirius)
I'm a big fan of the show & listen often. I love that your show highlights not only big news stories, but also stories that you can seldom find elsewhere in the media. Love the interviews, caller discussions, & debates. You get so much criticism for cutting callers off or being rude. Hello,'s called DEBATE! I think your back and forth conversations with your listeners are always respectful and on target. Keep up the great work. PS--great meeting you and David G in DC at the Helix Lounge.

San Francisco, CA (Sirius)
All-in-all, love the show. Have been a listener since the beginning, usually get to hear all 4 hours. It's great to be able to spend the whole afternoon discussing all topics of the day and of our community. Pet peeves: "Clips of the Week" I don't like, but know many do, how 'bout a compromise; last 5 minutes of the show, that way those of us who don't like can just tune out, the others can stay for their enjoyment. Pet peeve 2: Mike. your voice fades out quite often during the show, I find myself turning up the radio and than being blasted when a commercial comes on. David G, can't you throw something at Mike to correct this...maybe a slight current in his chair would help - you could push a button on your panel when he starts to fade away! :)

Las Vegas, NV (Sirius)
Great show! Thanks! Keep up the great work! What I don't catch on the radio, I follow on facebook. Didn't realize Associate Producer was so hot! Grrrr!

Covington, VA (XM)
I absolutely love the Michelangelo Signorile Show. Mr. Signorile is a fabulous host because he is willing to examine all sides of the issues and he does not cut off reasonable dissenters. I really enjoy Mr. Signorile's witty and usually accurate commentary. I'd also like to add that I absolutely love the opening theme thing, and that it always cheers me up to hear it.

Loiusville, KY (XM)

Overall it is great show. The only thing that bothers me is the way Michelangelo stereotypes Southerners.There are many people who live in southern states with progressive attitudes and beliefs.

Akron, OH (XM)
Michelangelo, I'd like to take a minute to let you know I think you're one of the best talk show hosts I've ever heard. Your so intelligent and well rounded. I have personally become a more balanced, informed individual. I can't believe how you can interview someone with an open mind and allow yourself to step back and take a full view of the complete issue. I think you are more than fair and I have never heard you cut off a guest unless they are just going in circles. Even when you have some real idiots on your show. You remain so professional and I love when you realize that you cannot agree with a guest you kindly say we agree to disagree. I will go as far as to say you are easily the most intelligent interviewer I've ever heard! I think you should be made president! Or at least be the main person in charge of our movement.

Dallas, TX (Sirius)
Need to up your game. Insight is a little intellectually sloppy. Think TRMS.

Sacramento, CA (XM)
I was very glad to accidentally find your show on my XM car radio. I have a 54 year old son who was able to marry his boyfriend of 30 years last year in California. It is so nice to be able to call his husband my son-in-law. I like your show because it makes me laugh - some times - and also make me cry - it keeps me thinking about what my kid and his husband go through.

Rochester, NY (Sirius)
I have a 22yr. old gay son, and a 22yr. old lesbian niece who's like a daughter. I'd like to hear more about the challenges of GLBTI youth and young adults.

Indianapolis, IN (XM)

As a hetero, I find the conversation very stimulating. You do not have to be lgbt to enjoy the program.

Avondale, AZ (Sirius)
I love it when you have FUN topics on and Michael cracks jokes, LAUGHS and shows he's got a sense of humor. I like LESS of his repeating himself 100 times on serious topics before/during/after taking listener or guest calls.

Mesa, AZ (XM)

Lose the "dogs of Portland" and "cell phone manners" type of filler that has been used in 2009. I find myself not only tuning these fluffy themes out on the live broadcast but also during the weekend repeats. Micheal continues to talk over the callers he disagrees with to the point of being annoying, bullying, and, rude. While I agree with most of Michael's views, his handling of the callers he disagrees with is unsettling during a lunch break.

Martinburg, WV (XM)
Michael, I really enjoy your show and regardless what some callers think or say, you DO give the other side a chance to explain their view. You are very skillful in engaging the individuals you interview and I have learn a lot from your show.

Ft McMurray AB Canada (XM)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this are amaze-balls and you are doing such a service to the LGBT community, I'm just another straight follower, "you can join us or you can get out of the way."

Lancaster, MA (Sirius)
I have become so much more educated, informed from listening to your show Michael. Thank you for all you do.

Calgary, AB Canada (Sirius)
I don't always agree with your political views but that's fine, we each have our opinions. I do like hearing an intelligent opposing view to that of my own. You do have to realize tho that Canadian politics vary greatly from the US. I do wish to say I love the research and knowledge of the subjects discussed, that you bring to the show Mr. Signorile. Thank you for a very excellent show every day.