Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Back Talk

Listener survey comments I read on this week's show. If you're a listener and haven't taken the survey please do so by scrolling down on the right and clicking through. Thanks!

Alameda, CA (XM)
Love the show. It is smart, does not dumb down - great job.

Sandwich, MA (XM)

Please stop the Obama-bashing. We need this president. Give him time. Our alternative is no alternative at all.

Queens, NY (Sirius)
Love, love, love how you aggressively refuse to let people equivocate and fudge their way past anti-gay comments and acts. Continue to give them all the hell they deserve. I say this because you often 'go there' and confront people in ways that are uncomfortable to the hateful and electric to listeners. You often say what I wish I would say if I were not afraid of losing my job. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Asheboro, NC (Sirius)
I love your show and it keeps me sane! I would like if you spoke more on the Uniting American Families Act(UAFA) bill. Bi-nationals(a gay couple where one is not American or has residency for long)are completely ignored by the media, and even more ignored by the GLBT community.Thanks for the show and for all that you d For me and my partner, you're a light in the darkness that has become a good part of our life.

Hermann, MO (Sirius)
The debate on how you all pronounce the word huge (uge) and human (uman) has become a running joke and I am very amused! I actually lol every time you forget and say "uge". Perhaps consider saying, "really, really big" instead?

Birmingham, AL (XM)
I really enjoy the show --here is one thing that drives me crazy! Listener comments! I want to start bashing my radio in if I hear one more person complain about your voice or silent pauses! I may run my car into a light pole if i hear it again! I would rather hear you an hour long segment on which starbucks around you makes a better latte!

Chicago, IL (Sirius)
Compared to the other OutQ programs you say very little about yourself personally. I realize your show is also a lot more serious than the others as well. Although I enjoy it very much, I sometimes find it so depressing that there are so many idiots out there doing so many stupid things. I occasionally need to escape to the Broadway channel to cheer up. How does this all affect you personally? Are you able leave this at the station when your show is over or is it difficult to let go..especially when there is a very contentious issue being discussed?

Irvine, CA (Sirius)
I really enjoy the show and listen whenever possible. I like that some background is presented for the subjects and that questions are then posed to the listeners. Both sides of issues are explored and I really like the format.

Newark, OH (Sirius)

I sometimes wonder if the Transgender issues get "swept under the rug," but today I called in to ask about transgender parents in the gender survey and was informed you would not be taking calls for that segment. I was very pleased that you raised the question that I wanted to ask. I am very curious though if you had intended to ask the question or if my message got to you. Either way it was covered very well. I would like to hear more about trans issues on future shows. Over all I give you an A and you get a gold star next to your name on the bulletin board.

Alexandria, VA (XM)

Your show is one of the few that makes me think and isn't just mindless entertainment. How about doing a show about us older, single gay men and what is happening to us as we age. Are there active retirement communities just for gays? What happens if we need assisted living or, horror of horrors, a nursing home? What kind of discrimination, if any, would we face?

Boston, MA (XM)
Enjoy Michelangelo's insight and discussion about issues that affect the rights of all people. I think "gay" rights are human rights, are the rights of us all.

Baja California, Mexico (Sirius)
I really enjoy your show most of the time and the issues raised. Thanks for being out there. We pick you up via Sirius while in Baja California, Mexico, where we are two of the few foreign lesbians in our small town. It’s lonely out here, so OutQ helps a lot.