Thursday, May 11, 2017

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On Wednesday, Texas House lawmakers voted to approve a broad “license to discriminate” bill for child placement and protection agencies, the bill now goes to the Senate, where its companion bill has already been heard in committee and would allow among other things foster and adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex families and allow agencies to subject LGBTQ children under their care to “religious education.”  Joining me today to talk all about this bill and the danger it poses to the citizens of Texas is Kathy Miller who is the President & Executive Director of The Texas Freedom Network and Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, which is one of the great groups on the ground in the Lone Star state fighting to protect true religious freedom and civil liberties.

As the results began pouring in on election night, many Democrats across the country were shocked to learn that Donald Trump won Wisconsin by only 22,748 votes, which caused many pundits and analysts to say that this was the result of Sec. Clinton’s failure to effectively campaign in the state.  However, we are now learning that her loss in Wisconsin might not be as simple as a poorly run state campaign.  According to a new study by Priorities USA, a progressive advocacy group and Super PAC and shared exclusively with The Nation, Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law played a major if not pivotal role in Trump’s victory by suppressing 200,000 votes in the state.  Joining me today to talk all about the study, Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law, and how it led to decreased turnout among African-American and Democratic voters is Ari Berman who is a senior contributing writer for The Nation magazine and a Fellow at The Nation Institute and the author of Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America

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