Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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On Friday, we all learned that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was resigning, and shortly after that news broke we soon found out that his decision was based largely on President Trump’s decision to hire former Wall Street banker Anthony Scaramucci as his new White House communications director. Trump’s decision to hire Scaramucci was controversial within his administration as a result of Scaramucci’s past criticism of the President, such has calling him a “hack” on Fox News; however since taking the job he has repeatedly professed his love for Trump and has busy deleting many of his past tweets that run country to his new bosses agenda.  Joining me today to talk all about Anthony Scaramucci and why the man who stepped up to the lectern in the White House briefing room on Friday afternoon was hardly recognizable to him is William D. Cohan who is a New York Times Op-Ed Contributor, bestselling author, former Wall Street investment banker, and friend of none other than Anthony Scaramucci. 

Earlier this morning, Trump announced in a series of tweets that he will ban transgender people from serving in the military “in any capacity”. As justification for his statement he claimed that transgender people both disrupt and burden the military with tremendous medical costs.  Joining me today to talk all about Trump’s tweets and why the President is so very very wrong is Brynn Tannehill who is former US Navy pilot and graduate of the United States Naval Academy, she is also a board member of Trans United Fund and the Co-Chair of Trans United Families For Equality and sits on the Board of Directors of SPART*A, an advocacy organization for LGBT service members, veterans and their families. 

So much happening in the world of politics this week, what with Republicans in the Senate trying to once again push Trumpcare through to the President tweeting that he will ban transgender Americans from serving their country in the military.  Helping us to make some sense of it all is Michele Jawando, Vice President of legal progress at the Center for American Progress, and don’t forget to check out THINKING CAP, the podcast she does every Thursday with our friend Igor Volsky!

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