Friday, April 12, 2019

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Trump rallied to build his wall and even shutdown the government based on the proliferation of criminals coming over the border, but newly shared government data reveals just how exaggerated his claims have been. An analysis from Noah Lanard of Mother Jones reveals that Customs and Border Protection not only found far fewer criminals at the southern border, but in fact arrested proportionally more entering through the northern border and other means. He joins me on the show today to debunk the misinformation.

This sure has been another crazy week in politics what with Attorney General William Barr’s testimony, Trump’s denial of knowledge about WikiLeaks, and Trump’s telling asylum seekers that the “country is full.”  Joining me today to help us wrap up the week in politics is Eleanor Clift the Washington correspondent for The Daily Beast, where she covers the White House and writes about politics and culture.  Eleanor welcome back to the show!

The Trump administration has so far refused to comply with the House Ways and Means Committee request for Trump’s tax returns. Investigative reporter and author David Cay Johnston argues that “The law is clear, and it leaves no wiggle room. The consequences for breaking it include removal from public office and up to five years in prison.” He writes about it in The Daily Beast and joins me on the show to talk all about it.

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