Monday, May 06, 2019

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Power in the Senate is distributed evenly across the land, but the American population is not, and this mismatch is getting worse. By 2040, about half of the country will live in just eight states — which means 16 senators for one half of America and 84 for the other half. Senior fellow at the Center of American Progress Action Fund and the Editor of ThinkProgress Justice Ian Millhiser examined the history of statehood in America and calls for Democrats to act boldly in his new article "The forgotten history of how Abraham Lincoln helped rig the Senate for Republicans." He joins me on the show to talk all about this history and its implications for today.

Since we last spoke with John Nichols of The Nation a lot has happened—Attorney General Barr testified before the Senate but avoided appearing before Congress, and Trump wants to more years as President to compensate for “stolen time.”  John returns to the show today to talk all about these issues and whole lot more, John is The Nation’s national-affairs correspondent, a contributing writer for The Progressive and In These Times and the associate editor of The Capital Times, the daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin.

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