Monday, July 28, 2008

Ann's Got It Bad For John

Ann Coulter has once again reverted to form and taken a swipe at John Edwards masculinity. When asked about Edwards by her buddy, right-wing radio host Jon Caldera, she responded by calling him "an incredibly creepy individual and the very definition of faggy."

This fresh attack on Edwards, condemned by GLAAD, brought us back to our grammar school days, where, when someone had a crush on you it wasn't always expressed in the most affectionate way. Is it possible that all this tabloid trash about John Edwards love life has gotten Ann's knickers in a twist again. No one wants to be jilted, not even Ann.

Ann has of course had something for John Edwards for quite some time. Last year when she first called him a faggot she didn't back down and said the word was neither antigay or hateful:
"It's (just) a schoolyard taunt."
We hope Ann learns proper schoolyard etiquette one day soon or she'll be sitting alone by the dumpsters for many years to come watching the other kids play.