Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breaking News That's Sure To Shock!

(Via PamsHouseBlend)

Rumors -- and so far unconfirmed, so standard Internet disclaimers apply -- are swirling that antigay Alabama's Attorney General Troy King (who waged a war against sex toys) is set to resign over, you guessed it, getting caught by his wife in a secret gay tryst with a top aide.

Here is what the blog The Locust Fork Journal is reporting:

A spokesperson for Alabama Governor Bob Riley denied that Attorney General Troy King is preparing to resign in the wake of a massive rumor campaign that has yet to be fully confirmed. The word is, according to multiple sources in Montgomery and elsewhere, that King was recently caught by his wife in a gay affair with a male aide and banished from his home.

According to Tara Hutchison in the executive office of the governor they have heard of no plans in the works for King’s resignation. She said she had not heard that he had been kicked out of his home because of a gay affair...
The Locust Fork News and Journal heard about this a couple of weeks ago from a Montgomery lawyer, and have had numerous contacts with people trying to confirm the truth of the rumor.
Oh and King also was an anti-gay crusader and fought against sex toys in the state. Libertarian activist Loretta Nall has more lurid *alleged* details on her blog:

I have some friends in pretty high places in Alabama politics so I called one of them up with the juicy details. They told me they heard a rumor about his sexual orientation some six months ago from a former reporter with a large, credible newspaper in Alabama. I also know that reporter and knew them to be very credible. The rumor at the time was that Troy's mystery man was his old college roommate who he gave a position to when he took over the AG office in 2004. Supposedly when Troy was out of town so was lover boy.

The story then became that the mystery man was a young man who had just graduated from Troy University and was the Homecoming King(no pun intended) (God that gets confusing...Troy King with the homecoming king who graduated from Troy) and that was who the wife walked in on. Then a few weeks later Troy and his boy toy from Troy were spotted at the YMCA (not kidding) engaging in....ummmm....inappropriate activities. the YMCA...made famous by the Village People. Apparently Troy has no inkling of what it means to be 'discreet'.

Oh, this just keeps getting better and better (if it's true).