Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Deck of Closeted Hypocrites

Producer David Guggenheim and I met some enterprising young men at Netroots Nation in Austin who produced a fabulous deck of playing cards: Gay Republican Hypocrites.

Page-crazy Mark Foley is the Ace of Hearts. BJ Bob Allen is the Ten of Clubs. Toe-tapping Larry Craig is the King of Spades. On the show today we played my interview with one of the creators of the deck, Austin college student Nathan Moore. Below is a short video clip of that interview. Nathan and his friends came up with the idea one night while they "got a little drunk on some beers." These guys have now sold over 2000 of these decks of cards.

You can buy a deck too at for $8.95. A portion of the proceeds goes to Equality Texas, the statewide LGBT group. The rest of the money, says Moore, goes to "buying us some more beers." I think they certainly deserve it.