Friday, July 25, 2008

King's Teen Killer To Be Tried As Adult

A judge has ruled that Brandon McInerney, the Hitler-obsessed teen who shot Larry King in the head in their junior high computer lab classroom in an antigay hate crime, will be tried as an adult.

California has laws allowing prosecutors broad latitude to file charges in adult court against juvenile defendants 14 and older. The defense challenged the constitutionality of the law, which could mandate McInerney into the adult criminal system for 51 year to life, but the judge disagreed.

The stage is now set for a long emotional trial which will raise many legal and ethical issues. What's your input on this, do you think McInerney should be tried as an adult? He doesn't face the death penalty, but does he have the emotional maturity to merit adult consequences? And what potential impact does this ruling hold for future perpetrators of hate-crimes? Call us and share your opinion when we jump into this on the show.