Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain Doesn't Like Questions

We all know how the Bush Administration screens out people it doesn't want at its events, but McCain is taking this whole "president in a bubble" thing to the next level. Presidential Campaigns often hold conference calls with reporters and usually any reporter from any organization can phone in and ask any question they want. But many journalists are wondering if the McCain campaign is cherry picking which journalists get to ask questions"[From Mother Jones via Jossip via Queerty] :

When a reporter calls in for a conference call, he or she is asked by an operator to provide his or her name and media outlet. Then when it comes time for questions, there is a long pause--long enough for someone in the campaign to select whom should be called on. This has caused several journalists who have participated in these calls to wonder: is the McCain campaign screening reporters, and, if so, on what basis? A reporter for a progressive media outlet says that he has tried at least half a dozen times to ask a question on a McCain conference call and has had never been selected.
These people really have a refined sense of denial.