Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"McNasty" McCain Scares His Own

Senator John McCain, tagged "McNasty" by his high school mates, is living up to his nickname, and even has those in the G.O.P frightened. Some of his fellow republicans are worried that his darker aggressive side may turn off independent voters in November, and that his flip-flop on happy campaigning could do him in.

We have noted McCain's increasingly vicious and desperate attacks against Obama, such as when he insisted Obama wanted to lose the war in Iraq just for the sake of winning an election. He's since then called Obama "Dr. No” for his energy policy and ran that ridiculous commercial: "Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?” an announcer intoned, as chants of “Obama, Obama” were heard. Throw in outright lies about Obama's voting record on taxes and the still regurgitated snipe about Obama's so called snub of troops while in Germany, the only attack they could muster against the successful trip abroad.

We give Obama kudos, he has been unflappable throughout these attacks, and it seems to be driving McCain to greater frustration. Do you think Obama is handling it well, or is it time for Obama to turn up the heat on McCain? We'll be getting into this on the show, so tune in and give us your opinion.