Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Today's Show

More encore discussions and interviews as we take a break from the studio this week.

Hour 1 – We discuss formerly pregnant man Thomas Beattie’s pregnancy and the media’s handling of it, then we’re joined by Elizabeth Pisani for the first of a two-part discussion about her book on the AIDS global pandemic “The Wisdom of Whores.”

Hour 2 – We talk a little about torture, we hear Robert Byrd’s … um … impassioned thoughts on Ted Kennedy, and we are joined in-studio for a wild interview with out-lesbian Latina talk show host Faye Carmona from Univision Radio.

Hour 3 – We have a discussion about a prison sentence for an Arizona woman who made anti-gay comments while in prison, we talk to Anthony Lewis about his book “Freedom for the Thought That We Hate” and we have a little bit of listener survey fun.

Hour 4 – First, we have a discussion about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Washington DC’s gun laws. And when you think of guns, what else do you think of? Perfume, of course! Chandler Burr brings some perfume samples into the studio, and discusses his book “The Perfect Scent.”

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