Monday, July 28, 2008

Right-wing Christian Terrorist Attacks Pro-Gay Church in Tennessee

CNN is now reporting that the four page letter left by the shooter in the Tennessee church shooting over the weekend was motivated by hatred against liberals, "the liberal movement" in the church and gays and others who he believes are taking jobs. This is exactly the kind of hatred that John McCain -- by taking an endorsement from people like John Hagee, who has blamed gays for the ills of society, and who pit groups against one another -- helps to promote.

Yes, John McCain emboldens the terrorists. That's where the media needs to go with this. This kind of hate is allowed to fester because of Hagee, Pat Robertson, James Dobson and all the rest, who are given legitimacy by the Republican Party and, now, by their presidential candidate, John McCain.

UPDATE: Pam Spaulding reports that the church had just put up a gay-affirming sign before the shooting. She also has lots more on this story.