Thursday, July 24, 2008

Run For The Hills! Rep. Sally Kern Is Packing Heat!

Twice in two months anti-gay Oklahoma State Rep. Sally "your brains are gonna fall out" Kern has been stopped at the Capitol carrying a handgun. We remember how angry she got when she came on the show last year and wonder if she was packing at the time!

Kern was stopped at a checkpoint where the gun was x-rayed in her purse. She said she forgot to leave the loaded 380 caliber semiautomatic handgun behind and was allowed to return it to her car and proceed back in. Just last June she actually breached security with the gun, when she dropped some clothes at the checkpoint and the purse holding the gun wasn't noticed. (Thank goodness for capitol security).

We first mixed-it-up with Kern on the show as early as 2005 when she was leading the call to ban children's books in Oklahoma libraries. That's when she told us that the country was becoming too tolerant, too open minded, so much so that "Our brains are falling out". Since we shook up her world that day it can be argued that Ms. Kern's brains have been falling out all over the place.

Earlier this year Kern cemented her anti-gay views nationally, when these inflammatory statements she made at a state political event were secretly taped and placed on YouTube:.

"The gay agenda poses a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism and is just destroying this nation"
In all fairness Kern's forgetfulness with the gun is understandable, she has a lot on her mind, holding a full time job, saving the world's children from homosexuals, long nights at the shooting range, we get it. One has to wonder though if it's all too much for her, is she starting to see rabid homosexuals waiting to pounce on her around every corner? We hope not. By the way, did you ever notice that the profile of Oklahoma sort of looks like a gun? Just a thought.