Monday, July 14, 2008

That Liberal Media

The New Yorker ran a cover today that has angered a lot of people, including the Obama campaign, even though the editor claims it is satirical and is pointing at all of the ridiculous ugly smears that have been thrown at Obama. The New Yorker is a politically liberal magazine, so their argument is that they can do this and it won't be taken the wrong way. But is that really true? Or will it not be used now by every other right-wing smear artist and organization? Do they have no responsibility for the that?

Would the magazine do this to war-hero John McCain? And where do we get in the illustration any indication that they are mocking the smear artists rather than Obama himself?

It's another example of how the so-called liberal media gets away with diminishing liberals, doing the right wing's dirty work -- in this case under the guise of having some good old-fashioned fun -- but doesn't treat conservatives with the same kind of mocking disregard and disrespect.