Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Torture? What Torture?

(Via Glenn Greenwald) Britain has finally figured out what the rest of the world knows -- that what the American government says about its use of torture can't be trusted. In a report from the British House of Commons, ministers have come to this conclusion based primarily on the CIA admitting it's use of "waterboarding". We are guessing that all the photos from Abu Ghraib of naked human pyramids, sexual torture and dogs nipping at private parts didn't quite pack the visceral punch that the CIA admission did.

What's interesting though is that they specifically name George W.Bush as not being trustworthy on the issue. The British go on to document concerns about the American practice of rendition, (outsourcing individuals to other countries where they can be tortured at private spas) and they are particularly concerned about whether or not their country has been used for such purposes by our government.

Ironically, it shouldn't escape the attention of the Brits that they may very well be the "pot calling the kettle black" when it comes to the issue of torture. Earlier this year British ministers called for an investigation into the possible rendition of British citizens to Pakistan by British Intelligence.

One thing is certain: When our CIA puts together travel itineraries for rendition subjects in the future, they may have to bypass the 21-year all inclusive European package and go directly to the Middle-East-Meets-The-Torture-Best-of-The-West package.