Sunday, August 24, 2008

Arrived in Denver After Airline Hell

We arrived in Denver after yet another United Airlines screw up. Not only are the airlines making it harder and harder to fly -- treating you like dirt and wanting you to pay for everything -- but they are just plain stupid, since the people on the flight, from Washington to Denver for the DNC, include the very people with the power to expose and regulate this pathetic industry.

A half hour before boarding they announce that they had to change planes, as they had equipment problems. That meant they couldn't fit everyone on the flight -- and there was no room on any other direct flight following that one. They asked for volunteers, but no one volunteered, so they just dumped anyone who hadn't yet checked in for a seat -- basically everyone on line at the desk, about 25 people. For a while though we were all afraid we'd be bumped, and of course the boarding then didn't happen on time.

The further idiocy of United was this: Among the passengers on the flight was the tenacious California Democrat, Congressman Henry Waxman, a man who certainly likes to take on corporate and government negligence; Carly Fiorina, the former HP honcho who is now McCain's top (not so adept) economic advisor, probably going to the Democratic convention to do commentary; and NBC's David Gregory, who has been sitting in on Meet the Press. Not very bright of United, was it? I mean, get a plane, any plane you have to get, but this is not the weekend to have this kind of hell, and apparently it was happening the day before too. I think David Gregory got bumped from first class, since they had been calling his name for a while at the desk and he was late. I imagine they upgraded someone else his seat, as he boarded late and was in coach.

Checked into the hotel and will now head down to the Pepsi Center to see our set-up on Talk Row. Remember, we're live tomorrow on the show, from the DNC, and will be talking to politicians, activists, and others, as well as discussing all the issues -- including the Biden pick -- with all of you on the phones. So listen in and call in.