Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heading to DC and Beyond Next Week

Groggy this a.m. I was up late writing questions for our special live show next week in Washington. I'll be moderating a panel for the plenary of the LGBT Summit at the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists' Association Convention. The topic will be: Access: The Presidential Campaigns and the LGBT Press, and several esteemed panelists will be discussing it with me for our live show on Thursday of next week at the Hilton Washington (August 21).

I'll tell you more about this as we get there and you'll hear promos on the air. This will kick off our taking the show on the road for over two weeks, what we've called our Unofficial Larry Craig Tour, in which we'll also be heading to Denver (Aug 25-28) and St. Paul (Sept 1 -4) to broadcast live from the Democratic and Republican conventions. The planning has been insane, with so much production to do. David Guggenheim, our producer has been terrific as usual.

We'll be doing a lot of interviews from Talk Row of each convention during the show, talking with politicians, activists, and the other players -- as well as with friends of the show who will be there -- and then later on each night I'll be down on the floor doing taped interviews with people and bringing them back for the next day. And we'll be going to lots of events, bringing the news and the buzz of conventions to the show each day. Of course we'll also be taking your calls on the show, so mark it down.