Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In the Jaws of the Pit Bull

I have an adorable pit bull, Gina, so I mean no disrespect or stereotyping. But Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has been called the church's pit bull in America, and he was unleashed when he came on the show yesterday to talk all about his latest rant: attacking the Democratic National Convention and, among others. The discussion became wide-ranging, including talk of the sex abuse scandal, but Donohue kept changing the subject -- at one point to gay men in bathhouses in the 80s. Yeah, right. I've pulled three video clips, all below.

In this clip Donohue outlines his basic argument against Towleroad being given credentials. It makes even less sense than it did when he put it out in an alert from the Catholic League.

In this one Donohue, after noting he is on Sirius, seems to take glee in reading naughty sexual comments from the blogs.

In this clip Donohue discusses his once having made a reference to my ass cheeks in an alert he sent out about me regarding my criticism of the pope.