Friday, August 15, 2008

It Should Be Listed Under Fiction

Obama is hitting back hard against wacko smear artist and all around racist Jerome Corsi for his new book of disgusting lies "The Obama Nation." Corsi, whose gross anti-Islam, anti-Semitic and anti-gay rantings we've covered on the show, was also the man who published the anti-Kerry book "Unfit for Command" and helped the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth get off the ground in '04. Corsi's anti-Obama book is poorly sourced and loaded with the kinds of ugly character assassinations we've come to expect from the right-wing attack machine. But The Obama camp isn't ready to let history repeat itself and have hit back with a 40-page document called "Unfit for Publication" that takes on Corsi's claims one by one.

We'll get into a discussion about Corsi, his book and Obama's response on the show today.