Friday, August 08, 2008

Mr. Bundle Goes to Washington

Remember earlier this week when we told you about all those strange "bundled" campaign donations McCain was getting from Charlie Christ's frat brother/oil trader Harry Sargeant? Lots of discussion about it on the show, looking at all the shady intrique. Well, it turns out that McCain is giving all the money back- only after all this has been pointed out in the media of course (such a "maverick" that McCain). Anyways, this is rich.

The campaign sent letters Thursday explaining federal campaign finance law to all donors whose contributions were solicited by Sargeant and his business partner, Mustafa Abu-Naba'a, believed to be a citizen of Jordan and the Dominican Republic.

Only U.S. citizens can donate to federal campaigns, and the money must be their own.

The letter said that if the contributions failed to meet these requirements, the donor should contact the campaign "immediately so that we can arrange a refund."

But rather than wait for a response, the campaign announced late in the day that it would refund money to 13 California donors who accounted for about $50,000.

"We're going to take the precautionary step of returning the contributions solicited by Mr. Abu-Naba'a," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said. He noted that one of the donors was quoted in the New York Times this week as saying he would not vote for McCain even though he had given the money. "It just didn't sit right."

No, it doesn't sit right.