Friday, August 15, 2008

My Aching Feet

I discussed this on the show on Thursday and got a bunch of emails about it, as well as inquiries on the show's Myspace page, as I guess a lot of people have a similar problem and wanted some info. Yes, from running I developed plantar fasciitis in both my feet, which is just so nasty because you have to wait a long time for it to heal before you can run again.

I love running, and usually run three to four times a week along the Hudson in the warmer months (treadmill in winter, and I hate it), and it's great when I do it after I've prepped for the show but before I go on; really just helps me think, and looking out at the river is wonderful. I'm now missing the rest of the summer. It creeps up on you but it was about four or five weeks ago that I really took note of it. You can't walk in the morning,a lot of pain in your heels. And then it comes and goes throughout the day. It's basically an overuse injury: I increased my miles too quickly or didn't stretch my calves well enough or who knows. You have to rest, let it heel as much as possible at night, stretch a lot, and ice a few times a day.

Plus, it helps to wear orthotics in your shoes to support your arches, since the condition develops from the muscle on the bottom of your foot stretching out and tearing from the bone. For those who asked, I got Powersteps a few weeks ago and it's really helped a lot; much better than anything in the drug store. I hope to be running in a few more weeks.

I know, this is like last fall when I was going on about my bicep tendon partial rupture. Well, who is going to listen to me go on about these things except for all those people who I have captive in their cars for four hours a day? And that was a scary one, where I thought I was going to have to have surgery and months of recuperation. It's healed pretty well now. I always seem to get these weird things -- like the eye thing last year, also from running, when something flew in my eye. (And let's not into my nerve transposition in my arm, where my Republican surgeon was talking glowingly about Bush while I was on the operating table and I heard him!) Our producer, David, ribs me about working out and going to the gym because it's supposed to make people healthier but I'm always having yet another issue because of it.