Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama Decides on Running Mate

We’ll all soon know just who will be on the ticket with Barack Obama this November. The New York Times reports the VP decision has officially been made. The Times also reports that the announcement will be made no later than this Saturday and could come as early as tomorrow morning:

Senator Barack Obama has all but settled on his choice for a running mate and set an elaborate rollout plan for his decision, beginning with an early morning alert to supporters, perhaps as soon as Wednesday morning, aides said.

Mr. Obama’s deliberations remain remarkably closely held. Aides said perhaps a half-dozen advisers were involved in the final discussions in an effort to enforce a command that Mr. Obama issued to staff members: that his decision not leak out until supporters are notified.

The names appear narrowed down to three: Joe Biden, Evan Bayh and VA Gov. Tim Kaine. But this is all media speculation; doesn't seem anyone has any real idea. Your thoughts?