Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks to the Valentator

Mnny thanks to Signorile Show Team member Steven Valentino for making the great "Web Sex Site Owners for McCain" graphic we've used in all the posts about the Manhunt Debacle and which has been picked up all over the web.

And I also what to take this opportunity to bid him farewell. He is leaving the show and Sirius for another venture in radio. I wish him the best, and am thankful for all his great work. We're going to miss him, our Valentator (don't ask!).

Also, The Team wrote earlier that I was going to post later on this whole Manhunt thing, but I didn't get time to get it up today before the show (and we're on the air now). I'll post over the weekend or on Monday with some further information and insights, but I do want to say that the calls we got on the show yesterday, from gay men across the country, were pretty passionate and most said they were canceling their memberships, which was encouraging. And we see a similar passion on many blogs. No wonder the Republican chairman is stepping down -- even though he's still going to be making millions of dollars and giving it to Republican causes. More on that later.