Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Secretive Vice President?

Dick Cheney had some nice words for Sarah Palin, and said she wouldn't necessarily be like him. But so far she seems as shady and secretive as Cheney. We know that she didn't tell her children -- including her pregnant daughter, who would be thrust into the media spotlight -- that she was running for vice president until they actually got to the announcement site in Ohio (she'd told them they were going to a family reunion).This New York Times story underscores how she didn't tell Alaskans about her own pregnancy -- or much of her family -- until a few weeks before she delivered. And though she knew her child would be born Down syndrome from early in the pregnancy she didn't tell her own kids about it until they saw for themselves:

Inside Ms. Palin’s room, her daughter Willow, 14, immediately noticed her new brother’s condition, according to People magazine. “He looks like he has Down syndrome,” Willow said. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

The story details the trek Palin took back to Alaska knowing she soon go into labor (she was speaking in Texas), a has been noted on blogs for days. I realize the choices she made on how and when to deliver the baby are her own personal decisions and everyone has to go by what their doctor tells them. But it's worth a read, as the story is a bit odd.