Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Destroying the Republican Party, and America

Conservative columnist David Brooks has only now realized that House Republicans are destroying the Republican Party, now that they've caused a calamity in the economic markets with their warped ideological pursuits:

It has been interesting to watch them on their single-minded mission to destroy the Republican Party. Not long ago, they led an anti-immigration crusade that drove away Hispanic support. Then, too, they listened to the loudest and angriest voices in their party, oblivious to the complicated anxieties that lurk in most American minds.

Now they have once again confused talk radio with reality. If this economy slides, they will go down in history as the Smoot-Hawleys of the 21st century. With this vote, they’ve taken responsibility for this economy, and they will be held accountable. The short-term blows will fall on John McCain, the long-term stress on the existence of the G.O.P. as we know it.

Of course, he and his ilk empowered these ideologues (and George W. Bush, free-marketer-suddenly-turned-socialist, as well as deregulator-turned-regulator John McCain) all the while, as they a wreaked havoc with their political philosophies, ultimately bringing the economy to ruins. But hey, country first!