Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did Palin Try to Ban a Gay Book?

It looks like we might be right in speculating that Palin was trying to ban at least one gay book. We now learn from ABC News that the Assembly of God Church she belonged to was trying to ban a book called Pastor, I Am Gay from local bookstores at the same time that Palin inquired, as mayor of Wasilla, to the librarian about banning books.

The former librarian clearly is now afraid of now speaking out, and doesn't want to name the books. Alaska is a small place and you might be blacklisted forever -- and Sarah Palin might be back in the governor's mansion in January 2008. But a reporter who wrote about it at the time says that the librarian told him what the books were, and, after some thought, says one of them was Pastor, I Am Gay.

So, it would appear that Mayor Palin took orders directly from the Assembly of God church.