Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Pit Bull With Lipstick

That's what Sarah Palin called herself tonight. She came out and gave a lot of red meat to the Republican faithful, rallying them behind her and probably helping John McCain do what he needed to do months ago in nailing his base down. Now, however, he should be moving toward the middle, and on that score I think she only scared people more, or didn't do the job of explaining herself and certainly rebutting all of the criticisms and revelations that have surfaced. She, along with Giuliani, went negative and on the attack, and didn't talk about any of the things they actually will do for people, particularly on the economy. The media, meanwhile, are now responding to the pushback from the McCain campaign, and seemed to be groveling over this speech, which I don't think really did the job beyond the base. And she dragged her family out there, including the kid who is marrying her pregnant daughter, so I think that issue is now completely fair game. Your thoughts?